Friday, 21 September 2012

Latest News and Updates

This is just a quick update to inform you of what is going on with regards to the club.
Affiliation With Lochaber Yacht Club
As of Tuesday the 18th of September we have become affiliated with the Yacht club. This means we have a meeting and launching area with access to showers and a brew. Hopefully it will also allow us to join forces with regards to social events and other fun things.
Pool Sessions
The adult pool sessions will be starting up in November. These will be held on Fridays from 8pm - 9pm Members Only £3. There will be another reminder nearer the time. We also have kid sessions starting soon also just wait for the e-mail.
Sea Kayak
If you missed/deleted the last email that went round. You might have missed the news that John Jenkins is going to be leading some sea kayaking trips this has seen some interest already. So if your interested then get in touch with him - Also check the small print
Led River Trips
The Garry is running on Saturday the 29th of September (next week) and Saturday the 13th of October. We are organising trips on these dates for anyone that would like to come along.

Sunday the 13th of October we will have two separate trips on to the Garry (Grade 3) and a trip to the Oich (Grade 2 beginner friendly) on the same day. To give those with less experience a chance to try something a bit easier.

Both Saturdays have the option of afternoon tea at the Invergarry Hotel for those that want to come along to these please get in touch asap. All we ask is a £3 for drivers, to keep them sweet.
Usual Garry Trips
The Garry also has some Thursdays left as well however the days are getting shorter but we still want to get as many days on this as possible. We can't guarantee the wo/manpower so if you would like to come along do so if you are happy to walk round scary things and give £3 to drivers - the small print applies

Boat Storage
We are looking for a different way to store some of the boats and we were wondering if anyone knew of any storage containers that people would be looking to sell/get rid of (the cheaper the better). If so we would appreciate you getting in touch.

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