Saturday, 10 November 2012

All Go Next Weekend

Lots going on next weekend on Saturday the 17th. Hopefully this will break it down.
River Kayaking
You may already know we have a river trip planned on the Lower Orchy where we will try and meet up with the Oban Canoe Club. This is a grade 3 river so it will be for intermediate paddlers.
However if people are up for it and if there is enough interest then we can run a separate trip on the Upper Orchy (grade 2). Which ends at the bridge of Orchy Hotel. This all depends on the amount of water in the river on Saturday. If there isn't enough water then we will change venue.
Get in touch via here or Facebook and let us know if you are up for the Lower Orchy or Upper Orchy.
Sea Kayaking
We also have Sea trips organised for Saturday and Sunday. This will all be depending on the weather in terms of venue. If you are interested please get in touch with
Christmas Night Out
Finally our last pool session is on the 30th of November so I was thinking that we could head to Cobbs afterwards for a social pint. Another option would be to meet at the Tavern before hand because they have a beat the clock offer on at the moment (get there at 5.30 you pay £5.30).
It you want to come to either/or or all three (the Tavern, the Pool and the Pub) then let us know. Would love to know your thoughts.
If you could pass this onto anyone that you think might be interested then please do.

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