Monday, 22 April 2013

Peanmeanach Trip

Lyndsay, Jen, Seonaid, Allan, Steve and Graham headed out on our first Sea Kayaking trip of the summer. They did an overnight trip to Peanmeanach Bothy which is a really easy and enjoyable paddle. 

The group didn't have any swimmers on the way out and managed to get there safely. They were joined at the bothy by some chaps from Glasgow. Who had brought enough food and drink to last them the week which was good because they intended to be there for the week. 

During the night they where woken by the disturbing sound of Lyndsay getting punched in the stomach followed by Jen whispering loudly "it's me, it's me!" Turns out she just got a fright when waking to see Jen standing over her on route to the toilet. 

The weather wasn't as nice on the way back but it settled once they were on the water. Before reaching the cars they saw an otter scurrying into the water. 

Just about to leave
Jen looking ready
Jen, Steve and Allan
Peanmeanach Bothy
Heading home

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