Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Loch Sheil

Allan, Paul, Áine, Kate, Vincent, Colin, Martin & Liz all headed to the Southern end of Loch Sheil for the NCC Tuesday evening paddle.
Put in was at Dalilea pier and the group first headed for St Finnan’s isle where landing gave an instantaneous feel of the spiritual importance of the place. The simplicity of some of the headstones was juxtaposed with the extravagance and complexity of others. How on earth any of the stones made it to the top of this island in one piece is a total mystery! Kate recalled a previous visit as an adolescent when she was warned of a lifetime of bad luck if any of them rang the alter bell. Oddly, none of the paddlers was minded to test it out!
The cloud was low and the wind gave an almost tidal feel to the paddle however the group then moved to the South side of the loch to explore the bays and jetties around Achanellan before returning to the cars and midges.

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