Wednesday, 24 July 2013

LYC Paddle

The sea paddle this week was planned by Dave as a rescue sesh, but summer holidays are still upon us and just Angus, Stephen, Allan and Kenny were able to join him so given the exceptionally high tide and calm loch, it was decided just to go for a paddle instead.  Anything to avoid getting deliberately wet!
The group headed straight over to Camusnagaul where a young otter was spotted catching & devouring a fish, however the trail of bubbles was then lost as both the otter and paddlers crossed an eddy line close to the shore & other things took over.  The group continued over to Corpach past islands teeming with screeching sea birds before helping one of the basin anglers get his lure further out than he could ever have imagined casting! The Souters Lass, and a speed boat, caused alterations to the course on the way back as the paddlers were met with wash from opposing sides, however the skipper (who was obviously using binoculars), did announce to his passenger visitors who they were motoring past.  The evening darkened very quickly reminding everyone that summer is on the wane, but hot drinks and a debrief in the LYC clubhouse provided a very civilised end to the evening paddle.

 Whilst at Corpach, the paddlers felt obliged to do a
paddle past Paul's house and private slipway!

 Lots of dangerous driftwood due to the recent spring tides.
Angus wanted to tow this one back for his wood burning stove!

High tides = short exit slips!

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