Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Loch Eilt

Martin & Liz had to pull out at the last minute, leaving just Allan & Colin T to go on the Tuesday paddle this week.
It was decided to head straight over to Essan to have a wee look at the bothy, where they totally surprised a walker who simply hadn’t seen them approaching due to the height of the bracken.

Leaving Essan, a golden eagle was spotted just to the East, they then paddled on, passing a cormorant sitting atop one of the dead trees poking out of the loch and unexpectedly, some water lillies.  At the western end, they paddled round the islands & Caledonian pine trees before returning in the dark in mirror calm water, passing another cormorant; this one dead and lying on a little rock poking just above the surface.  Clearly the bird had arrived there alive, but possibly injured.

Nearly missed the steam train!


They didn't expect water lillies!

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