Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Night Time Paddle

No photos this week, but Paul rounded off the 2013 season Tuesday night paddles with one in the dark.
The paddlers left LYC at 7.15pm just as the sun was going down and Paul was joined by Allan, Frances, Kirsty, Colin T, Colin M, Brian H & Ken.
Glow sticks and head torches at the ready (apart from Colin M who had brought no illumination whatsoever), the paddlers headed past the town, under the UTC pier and into the mouth of the Lochy before passing the Lochy flats and Caol beach where they seemed to spook the most incredible number of sea birds.  In mirror calm waters, they then crossed to the islands and to Camusnagaul where 'something' jumped out of the loch.  Probably just a seal, but given the reaction of the paddlers, it might as well have been a hump back.  Quite a few curious seals were spotted on the journey.
From Camusnagaul, they headed back to LYC although the return route was modified when it seemed that an Oban registered fishing boat might be departing from the moorings close to the West End car park.  No one wanted to be run down by a fishing boat, but everyone agreed that in the still waters of the dry evening, Fort William looked lovely from the water.

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