Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Tues Eve Paddles 13th May 2014 Loch Leven

We met or were suposed to meet on the north side of Loch Leven NN160620 about 2 miles east of Kinlochleven. Paul, Ken, David and Brian. Two were delayed in the process making the discovery that a landrover plus kayak won't quite go under the canal at Torcastle - no damage to tunnel or kayak but 10 minutes late!
Loch Leven with Binnein Mor and Mamore Lodge just showing

Launching was easy, from the generous layby to the water at high spring tide, was only a few paces. We paddled around the small islet and then headed up the loch towards Kinlochleven in bright sunshine and a following breeze.

Kayaked as far as we could up the river Leven, almost but not quite into the village. Then met up with the others and visited the old harbour.
Paddled back against the breeze to the launch site after 6 km and about an hour and a half .

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