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Summer Isles weekend – 2-4 Oct 2015

Summer Isles weekend – 2-4 Oct 2015
Many thanks to Gillian for organising this weekend. Four of us arrived at the campsite at Altandhu on Thursday evening and the remaining three on Friday evening. The weather was not as good as expected but, never-the-less we enjoyed some great paddling.
Friday Team plus Ken
 Friday 2 Oct
Gillian, Tracey, Ken and Liz set off from the campsite to circumnavigate Isle Ristol. However it was quite windy and as we rounded Isle Ristol and progressed through the sound between Ristol and Eilean Mullagrach the swell became more and more impressive. A nearby motor boat gave us an idea of the size of the swell as it appeared and then completely disappeared with each wave. We decided to turn back and head down the coast in more sheltered waters towards Achiltibuie. We landed at the pebble beach at Polbain where Liz and Gillian got a lift almost straight away back to Altandhu to collect the cars and take us all back to the campsite.
Difficult launch on day 2

Sat 3 Oct
Colin Surfacing
Mal, Oliver and Naomi joined us on Friday evening. On Saturday, the wind was still fairly strong so we headed for the beach at Achnahaird Bay and more shelter on the North East side of the mainland. After launching in difficult conditions, we contemplated heading for the point of Rubha Na Coigeach but decided against this with the big swell. Instead we headed East into Garvie Bay. On the way, Oliver and Naomi investigated the surf at the beach at Achnahaird Bay. On our return the surf attracted most of us in to play - to a greater or lesser extent – and as a result, most of us got very wet! Tracey, Ken and Liz called it a day whilst Gillian, Mal, and Naomi headed a short way up towards Rubha Na Coigeach. We all enjoyed a meal and/or drinks in the very warm and delightful An Fuaran Bar.
Sunday 4 Oct
The wind had abated at last. We drove down to Polbain to explore the main Summer Isles. Across to Tannara Mor and round the North of the Island then across to Tannara Beag. There were plenty of rock channels, caves and the big natural arch to explore. The sunshine came out and we had a lovely paddle with the glorious Assynt hills as the backdrop. All too soon it was time to make our way back to the beach, pack up and head for home. A great weekend!    

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