Sunday, 17 August 2014

12th Aug 2014 Tues Eve Paddle – Loch Leven (west)

We parked and launched from the layby just below Callert House – a high spring tide so almost no carry. Just Emma, Paul & I braving the driech weather but for most of the paddle the rain held off and there was enough breeze, just, to keep the midges at bay. We paddled across the loch to the river Coe, up under the bridge. In spite of the high tide we could not get past the first rapid because the river flow was too high after all the rain.We then paddled past the Glencoe Boat Club and across to Eilean Munde where we landed on the north shore and battled the vegetation up to the remains of the old church. There is a path which runs from the normal landing spot which is on the eastern end of the island. We meandered past the rest of the islets seeing and hearing quite a few herons then back to the north shore.

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