Wednesday, 6 August 2014

5th August 2014 Tuesday Eve paddle - Lochshiel & Callop River

Three tonight, Brian H. Colin U. & myself, launched speedily from the slipway at Slattach spurred on by the midges. It was a fine evening with the loch glass smooth. We paddled across
to the Callop river and got a very pleasant surprise as we were able to paddle up the river almost 2 km. The channel was almost wide enough to paddle 3 abreast and in most places deeper than the length of a paddle and no discernable current. Eventually were stopped by fallen trees but this is definitely a hidden gem. After the river we paddled down past the island opposite Glenfinnan House Hotel, across to the fish farm, back across the loch to Guesachan and finally back to Slattach - a round trip of about 11 km.  Paul

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